About Schwertz & Co

At Schwertz & Co we define modernity with every twist. As a leading brand in sink taps and kitchen taps, we weave innovation, sustainability and sleek design to deliver exceptional products that seamlessly fit today's lifestyle.

Carefully crafted with an eye for precision, our taps are designed to blend seamlessly into a modern interior. Schwertz & Co's collection brings a fresh, contemporary aesthetic that puts functionality and style at the forefront.

Transform your bathroom into a modern retreat with our sink taps. Imbued with contemporary flair, each design offers optimal comfort and is powered by advanced technology for impeccable water pressure and temperature control.

Our kitchen taps are a fusion of form and function, making every kitchen job a pleasure. Whether it concerns rinsing vegetables or filling a pan, our taps make every action stylish and efficient.

At Schwertz & Co, the reliability of our products comes first. Our taps are backed by an extensive 10-year warranty, which is testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability.

With Schwertz & Co you don't just choose a tap, but a modern, reliable and stylish addition to your home. Feel the difference, experience the quality, choose Schwertz & Co.

Schwertz & Co - Perfecting with every turn.